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Teacher: Mrs Maureen Bartlett

Nursery Nurse: Nicola Darvill

Support Staff: Ifeoma Onuoha


Welcome to Nursery class page.

We would like to share a little bit about our Curriculum.

Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal and Social Development are our key areas.


Children communicate all the time they need to be able to express themselves and be understood. Interaction with peers in the home corner or reading books together prompts these skills.


Physical Development

This includes developing fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills include holding a pencils or a paint brush, threading and using tweezers to pick up small objects. Examples of gross motor skills involve climbing, balancing and riding a bike or scooter.


Personal and Social Development

Children develop their social skills learning how to interact with peers and adults. They learn to share and take turns. They learn to look after the class pets and how to care for each other.

Every week we have “Pupil of the Week” and Reader of the Week. The pupil of the week has the opportunity to take our class bear home for the weekend.