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That all may have life - life in all its fullness

Year 4

Year 4 Teacher: MIngrid Collins

Support staff: Mrs Wendy Oke

Welcome to Year 4


In English we will continue to work on reading and comprehension skills covering a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We will work on developing the ability to infer, predict, summarise, conclude and look at points of view.  The children will be encouraged to read widely themselves and carry on completing their reading records with good quality entries.  We will be reading the class text The Wind in the Willows to complement our topic work on Rivers. In their writing the children will need to be showing the ability to use tenses correctly and write more detailed settings, characters and plots.  We will also have a focus on presentation skills and handwriting. We will also be studying The Iron Man to link with our science work.



We will continue to reinforce number and place value and accurate use of the 4 operations. The children will need to be able to estimate and check their work by using inverse operations.  We will be working on volume and capacity as well as money.  We will be reviewing coordinates, use of statistics and properties of shape.  All children need to be secure in their times tables by the end of this academic year so please keep working on this at home to support our work in school.


Our themes for this term are:  New Life, What’s so important about new life? Building Bridges, Why are bridge-builders important in life? God’s People, Why do some people do extraordinary things?


We will be doing a river study and the children will have the opportunity to do an individual study of a world river. 


 We have 3 subjects to cover in science: Sound, Forces and Magnets and Electricity.  We will link this work to our English work on The Iron Man and try to bring it all together in some junk modelling of the main character.  Should be a lot of fun!  Please start saving clean, empty packaging to help with this.


The games focus this term will be athletics and the children will continue to have dance on Thursdays. 

We will continue to use Mathletics and Bug Club as regular homework as well as The children all have individual logins for these 3 sites and need to check them regularly to stay on top of tasks.  It is vital that your child reads regularly at home and at least once a week to you so that you can support them, talk to them about their choices and join with them in their enjoyment of reading.


Curriculum Map

Year 4 Curriculum Map - Autumn term

Year 4 Curriculum Map - Spring term

Year 4 Curriculum Map - Summer term