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That all may have life - life in all its fullness

Year 6

Year 6 Teacher: Ms Emily Morris 

Support Staff: Fiona Bonat

Welcome to Year 


In English we are reading the novel The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo, a marvellous novel that touches on themes of political oppression, exile, Africa, childhood, justice and human rights. Throughout this unit of work students will be writing short stories poems, argumentative texts and leading to discussions to expand understanding and opinions on current issues. This novel will expand students’ vocabulary, which will also be developed through weekly spelling and grammar lessons. Year 6 will continue working on their reading and comprehension skills in preparation for KS3.

Alongside the allocated novel, students will be focusing on cross-curricula writing tasks. This includes scientific reports, recounts, recipes and other text-types to ensure students are exposed to all text-types before transitioning to secondary school.   


This last term will be mainly focused on the use of hands-on materials in maths, such as protractors, compasses and other mathematical resources that assist with solving word problems. Post SATS, there will be a continued focus on reasoning as this will be an independent strength needed in secondary school.


Through exploring spiritually and discussing their thoughts alongside scripture and debate, year 6 will be responding deeply and reflect on each of the following questions:

Why do people give time and commitment for caring for others?

How can children be encouraged to value and care for creation?

How can we be the best version of ourselves when arriving at a new school in September?



We will be continuing our topic on the Mayans and also looking at music throughout history. This is an engaging topic and will be very much enjoyed by the year 6 children. We will be discussing famous musicians and how they have influenced/changed the world in their own unique way through the lyrics and sound they’ve brought to life. Year 6 will be listening and reading music from all around the world. I will be encouraging and enlightening student’s music library to better their knowledge of modern-day influencers.


The end of year topic we will be focusing on is Animals Including Humans. Not only will we be talking about the endangerment of particular species, we will also be discussing the role humans play in the extinction of a specific race. To align with our PSHE unit and to assist students with their transition to secondary school we will be discussing personal growth, physical development and puberty.  The year 6 children are very interested in hormones and how they affect our daily emotions – this is very important to open as a discussion to ensure all students are aware of their personality changes at different times and how their emotions may deeply affect their reaction/response to particular situations.


Alongside the daily mile, the sports focus this term will be athletics and cricket. The children will continue to have dance on Thursdays with Lauren from Let’s All Dance, Thamesmead. ​

Curriculum Map 

Year 6 Curriculum Map - Autumn term

Year 6 Curriculum Map - Spring term

Year 6 Curriculum Map - Summer term