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School Dinners

School dinners are available at a standard charge which changes from time to time.

The cost of a school meal is currently £2.40 per day. This is payable in advance.

The food is made freshly in our new kitchen on school site. There is a choice of main course, including a vegetarian option for those children registered as vegetarian.

Children are allowed to take only the food they want and no child is forced to eat anything. However, all children are encouraged to eat some meat/fish and vegetables.



Healthy Packed Lunch 

As part of our commitment to being a healthy school, we ask that children bring a healthy packed lunch. We encourage them to eat fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet. Children bringing a packed lunch mush have a secure lunch box which is as small as is practical. 

We do not allow sweets, chocolates or flavoured or fizzy drinks as part of a healthy packed lunch. Plain water is provided in school.