GSO Test


That all may have life - life in all its fullness

RE Events

Year 2 RE Class work

 LQ: Can you show how the Gospel is celebrated in Mass?

Children acted as altar servers and priests. They walked up the aisle stood at the lectern. The priest said, ‘The Lord be with you,’ and the class responded. The priest then said, ‘This is the Gospel according to Luke/Matthew/John/Mark,’ and the children responded by making a sign of the cross.

Year 5 Dove Work

Year 5 & 6 Liturgy


Year 6 visit to St Georges Cathedral

 On 1st December 2022, our school was invited to the advent service that was held at St George's Cathedral. Many schools were invited but only some had the opportunity to participate. We were given the opportunity to sing, act and read. It was a very lovely service where we reflect on the birth of Jesus and the real reason for this advent season. We represented St Margaret's Clitherow well. We feel lucky to have had the privilege to not only attend but to participate in such an important and huge event.